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How does physical activity impact mental health?

Exercise is not only a perfect ally to maintain the physical condition of your body, it is also essential to keep your mind healthy.

It has long been known that physical activity has many benefits for your body, helping it to stay fit, maintain a healthy weight, strengthen bones and muscles, and reduce certain risks of disease, just to name a few.

But did you know that it also produces a sense of well-being and improves your mood? That's right. Practicing some form of physical activity helps, along with a number of healthy habits, to reduce anxiety, prevent mild depression, increase self-esteem and boost its energy.

Exercising isn't just about going to the gym. There are plenty of activities that can help you feel better. In case you haven't yet found a way to get moving, you just have to opt for one that feels comfortable to you. Even a little activity is better than none!

There are many ways exercising can influence your day-to-day life by making you feel more relaxed and positive. Let's go into detail and find out how physical activity influences mental health.

physical and mental health
Exercising helps maintain good physical and mental health

What is Mental and Emotional Health?

The first thing you should know is that mental health influences your thoughts and actions, and encompasses three main types of well-being: psychological, social and emotional.

The state of your mental health can affect many different areas of your life, from your ability to manage stress to how you maintain your relationships with others.

Emotional health, meanwhile, is about being aware of emotions and having the ability to manage and express those feelings in an age-appropriate way.

The broader scope of mental health contrasts sharply with the more focused definition of emotional health, which is defined as the ability to understand and manage emotions.

How Physical Activity Improves Your Mood

Practicing different physical activities has been strongly identified as a natural mood enhancer. There is usually a feel-good effect shortly after beginning a session of moderate exercises or competitive sports.

By exercising, you stimulate the release of endorphins in your brain, which are chemicals that elicit a positive feeling in your body. This improves overall health and creates a sense of well-being, providing more energy for daily life.

Putting an end to daily stress through movement and physical activity will give you the energy and optimism you need to stay calm and keep a positive attitude. It's just a matter of allowing yourself the time to give it a try!

Exercise Regulates Your Sleep Cycles

Keeping certain schedules and habits can be challenging at times. In fact, maintaining a proper sleep schedule can be challenging for those who are easily distracted by television and mobile devices.

Exercise can regulate your sleep schedule, as your body will surely require a rest after you spend energy through physical activity, which eases both the regulation of sleep cycles as well as the ability to fall asleep.

This is particularly important for your mental health, as a growing number of researches show that having a regulated sleep cycle has protective effects on the brain, reducing the chances of developing mental health disorders.

Moving Your Body Reduces Anxiety Levels

Anxiety is an emotional state of negative components with external physical manifestations, such as sweating hands, nervousness, sleeping difficulties, dizziness, dry mouth, poor concentration and muscle tension, among others.

Many times, daily routines and their complications can make you feel stressed and/or anxious. Most people experience these feelings at least once in their lives and not everyone can manage them the same way.

However, physical activity has been explored as a tool to treat and perhaps even prevent anxiety; by exercising regularly, one can learn to read signals of threat and fear differently, and re-associate these symptoms with safety and well-being.

Physical activity
Physical activity improves your mood and reduces anxiety levels

Exercise Promotes Confidence and Self-esteem

Regular physical activity is an investment in your mind, body and soul. By becoming a habit, it can boost your self-esteem and make you feel strong and powerful.

Even achieving smaller exercise goals can make you feel better about your appearance, so you'll feel more accomplished. Plus, the changes you'll see in your body and mind will make you feel more comfortable and confident in your clothes.

Remember that every minute of movement helps maintain your good health, both physically and mentally, so be sure to keep moving and looking for the activity that you enjoy the most.

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