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5 Keys to keep in mind before buying sportswear

Before you decide to buy sportswear there are some recommendations you should bear in mind to achieve comfort, efficiency and protect your body during your workout. Let’s see what it’s all about!

The sportswear market is booming because the obsession with fitness has increased. Not only has it taken the street style, but it is also being designed with the latest technologies to fit the needs of our daily routines.

Buying women's sportswear can be a challenging task due to the growing number of activewear brands. On top of that, you might have to choose between different colors, sizes, types of tops, leggings, etc. But you need to know that, actually, fashion is not what you should always prioritize.

What really matters is getting the right outfit for each occasion. Follow these recommendations to make sure you are choosing a sportswear set that suits you and all the things you want to do in them.

Athlefit Apparel offers beautiful ready-to-wear sportswear
Athlefit Apparel offers beautiful ready-to-wear sportswear

Overall functionality

Your workout clothes should be adapted to the type of exercise, the environment where you carry it out and, above all, your personal needs.

You might like the look of an outfit, but if it's not supporting you during your exercise routine, then you should reconsider what you are wearing. It might be difficult to focus on your workout if you just keep readjusting your sportswear after every movement.

That's why you must prioritize the functionality of your clothes when you decide to buy an everyday outfit. It guarantees long-term comfort and an enjoyable training. The key takeaway is not putting aesthetics over efficiency.

Move your body in sportswear

When going to a sportswear store, do not just try the clothes on in the changing room while staring at your reflection. Walk, jump, squat, move! Discovering how those designs feel and work will make it easier to know which one is the perfect product for you.

You should also try the sportswear a few times in order to see how it supports you, making sure that it lets your body breathe.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing activewear is making sure it's designed to facilitate wicking away sweat, as you don't want to feel chafed after every workout session. It's all about focusing on the exercise, and not feeling restricted by your outfit. That's why you have to move, always move.

Discover our sportswear premium collection
Discover our sportswear premium collection

Your sportswear should feel invisible

Do you know what the 'feel-naked' effect means? When you put your sportswear on, you shouldn't have any movement restrictions. These clothes must hug your body perfectly and not feel uncomfortable. It ought to feel almost like you're not wearing anything.

Some brands use cutting-edge technology to find the proper materials to create not only a functional piece of clothing but actually a fully optimized product. This is what makes sportswear fully seamless and the closest we have ever been to the 'feel-naked' effect.

Nowadays, looking good in sportswear is a given, but you also need to make sure that it meets all the functional requirements. A great outfit will accomplish both and will make you feel exactly how making exercise does: unstoppable, strong and powerful.

Type of activity

Before buying sportswear you should consider what type of activity you will use it for because not all of them are designed for the same type of training. There are different types of tops and leggings that fit the needs of each exercise.

For example, for activities that involve greater hip flexion, such as yoga and cycling, a legging with lower abdominal coverage and tummy support should be prioritized.

Instead, for barre and other medium to low impact exercises, you should consider sleeveless sports bras, which are made for medium impact performance. What is your favorite activity and what sportswear would you choose to practice it?

Athlefit Apparel brings quality, function and exclusive designs
Athlefit Apparel brings quality, function and exclusive designs

How You Feel

Of course, the most important thing to consider before buying your sportswear is to be aware of the way you feel when you wear it.

It doesn't matter how many times you have to try on clothes at the sportswear store; whether you need to change sizes or spend a great deal of time trying them all out, you should always prioritize the way they make you feel.

Sportswear should feel comfortable, fit well, and perform during a workout, but it's also important to focus on the vibe you are getting from it. Does it make you feel confident and ready to crush a workout? If the answer is yes, then buy it.

If you are looking for original pieces that combine the multiple benefits of sportswear and levels it up with fashion, we invite you to know about our Sportswear Premium Collection. You will find exclusive clothing with athletic-inspired details and a comfy feel.

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