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Athleisure: how is fashion that puts comfort first like?

Being comfortable without losing glamor is possible. Find out what athleisure women's clothing is about and why it's gaining traction in a world that is changing all the time.

We spend our lives adapting to the transformations that society is constantly facing, which raise concerns and awareness about consumption habits, best practices to take care of our bodies, or the need for a healthier life.

That's why practicing sports has become essential for people, especially for many women who have to juggle work, family, friends and much more.

And how do these women manage to fulfill those commitments and look good at the same time? They wear exclusive sportswear that can be both comfortable and stylish. And without the hassle of being in high heels! This magic athletic gear is called athleisure.

Masstige Top and Legging
Masstige Top and Legging

What is Athleisure about?

Athleisure is the balance of fashion and functionality. It provides comfort in sportswear and can be worn as an attire for casual and informal outings, as well as rigorous training.

It is also part of a style that prioritizes comfort and healthy habits, while tailoring its wide array of products and aesthetic trends to cater for all types of people and bodies.

In addition, the original and modern design, the use of innovative materials to increase stretchability, and the resources to ensure sweat wicking, odor reduction and dirt protection, have also made sportswear a must-have.

White Marble Top and Legging
White Marble Top and Legging

Athleisure: Is it still a trend?

A hundred years ago, people wore clothes dictated by the event they were attending. It was unthinkable that sportswear could be used to go to the gym and also to go to work or for some social activity.

The athleisure wear movement began picking up steam in the 1970s with the renewed focus on materials and function. As sportswear became more comfortable, people were more likely to wear it outside of their workouts.

Today, athleisure has evolved from a century-long history of sportswear to its own unique trend and has fully integrated itself into the world of fashion and into our closets. It’s time to admit that it has gone from being a trend to a lifestyle, and it has come to stay.

Also, many celebrities like Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner and Tom Holland have chosen to wear extremely comfortable outfits both in their daily lives and at award ceremonies, highlighting the mix between fashion and comfort.

Athleisure vs activewear

The main objective of activewear is to be functional and comfortable. It is designed for sports, exercise and outdoor activities. It's what you use to go to the gym, your yoga class or for a run. It's also usually lightweight, sweat-wicking, and form-fitting to let you move freely.

Instead, athleisure is more popular because it combines the aesthetics of the sports and fashion industries. It symbolizes a revolution in sportswear that, thanks to its elevated athleisure design, becomes an everyday outfit capable of instantly enhancing a look.

It also represents a bigger and likely permanent change in the clothes industry that is obviously here to be a part of our everyday routine.

Elegant deep blue top with halter neckline and cutout details on white fabric
Elegant Deep Blue Top for everyday activities

How does athleisure empower women?

The sportswear industry has been growing remarkably in recent years. While clothing is made for both men and women, it is the women's market that has driven this phenomenal growth.

Athleisure offers today's woman a completely new way of dressing and living. It provides off the rack activewear for moms, professionals, and girls with busy routines to wear while staying elevated and stylish.

It inspires them to be who they want to be, It inspires them to be who they want to be; challenging old standards and daring to look (and feel) free.

Where can I get quality and luxurious athleisure?

Our brand provides an exclusive fitness design for unique women.Through a revolutionary select collection, at Athlefit Apparel we offer authentic pieces that combine the many benefits of sportswear and level them with high fashion details.

It was created by women for women like you who appreciate innovation, elegance, design and, above all, comfort. And, therefore, it is an invitation to feel better and more confident in your own skin. No matter where your day takes you.

Street Style Top and Legging
Street Style Top and Legging

Discover our amazing collection where you can find comfortable and stylish athleisure pants, two-piece sets, sports tops, leggings, bra or t-shirts and much more.

We would also like to invite you to be part of our community and join us on Instagram. Find out all the news and benefits we have for you!

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